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02 April 2007 @ 03:23 pm
Blueprint for a new tomorrow  
I was lucky enough to catch Blue print visiting on tour at a local pub in downtown Fargo.  The show they put on was great.  Even though the crowd was sub par, I was really impressed with the folks that showed up.  There was a good balance.  I hadn't heard too much of the Print before this show, of course on and off with the Rhymsayers and particularly in some battles I had heard.

What was most interesting here was the fact that once again I was able to catch a tight show in a low key bar with a manageable energetic crowd.  I had the opportunity to talk directly with the artists, a luxury I'm not usually afforded in the Minne.

I think it's funny that so many Fargo people will venture the distance to the Cities just to catch a show however I'm not sure of how many would do the reverse.  They are really missing out on the more intimate side of the scene.  Fargo suites the job nicely in my opinion.

Coming up.....

Brother Ali
4/11 - Fargo, ND @ House of Rock

There for the willing.  Check it out.
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