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07 April 2007 @ 05:29 pm
Coop'd but hold'n steady  
Welcome back cold, we love you very much.  The icey Canadian winds challenge the Midleft sun once more and I can't help but be discouraged to venture out.  Damn Fargo and it's flatness.  No shelter but inside from the soul sucking Arctic bitterness that is delivered free of charge by our friendly jet stream.  Seems weather.com agrees.

Thank god my brother has a treadmill.  A good sprint every morning tends to keep my spirits up.  How I long for the pedals.  ooohyeah

I hope everyone else is finding relief somehow.  I ache to meet up with my Minne colleagues.  I have much to express and can't wait for a glass of dark rich Guatemalan brew and a tasty vegiwrap over a conversation shared with my friends at Hard Times.  You know who you are punks, be ready.

Also, as I learn more and more of the BC and our friends to the North I'm tempted to challenge those winds and venture Northbound.  Vancouver sounds sweet and I had no idea Calgary was so big.  Interesting places.  Anyone up for a long bike ride?

I can only relate to this song where I stand.  Mineshaft @  http://www.myspace.com/dessadarling

In other news, Bless the many hours we spent brainstorming crazy concepts for Blab-lab.  As I prepare proposals for several folks in Fargo, I look back and smile realizing how much of a positive impact they have made.

Anyone up for some e-collaboration?

Being around my brothers, big movie go'ers, every day I have ended up seeing a few flicks against my will (first I've seen in months).  Grindhouse, Blades of Glory, and 300.  I really liked 300, grindhouse wasn't shabby just long, and blades of glory.... the formula is dead to me....  Now when I watch movies I'm bored most of the way through and I can't help but watch other peoples reactions.  People watching movies are more funny than the movies themselves.  *chuckle*.  You know what top tier movies are fucking stupid.  Infested with ads, poluted with 'cop' out visuals, and not very interesting.  Talk about the ultimate tainted creative market.  Creativity fell off the wagon long ago and was brutally beaten with the big marketing stick.  Not that they're all bad, but bloated, yes.  *Phew*  I'll relax a bit now.

The standard daily lives of Fargo are just too repetitious for me and I can't seem to find others with my crazy mindset to relate to.

I have however made some awesome connections.  Art is my savior.  Creativity my religion.  And there is no shortage of folks practicing around here.  Just gotta keep hunting I suppose.

Anywhooosit, just another day in the shoes of an Early. 

To all of my friends enjoy the days as cold as they may be and strive to be the change you want to see!
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Fortified Insight (bloom)fortifiedi on April 8th, 2007 11:45 pm (UTC)
Bring it! We miss you...