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11 September 2007 @ 02:23 pm
Working Draft 1: Home Again

True to the roots while I weed the tree.
Fostering new growth on the land that grew me.
Decifering the entangled mess of twisted paths.
Unraveling the experience from the theory I've had.

Remembering my people my family my pride.
Saturated in remeniscences of previous time.
Glancing upon fractures of memories.
Dancing on dark waters once swam.

These days strides replace steps.
Greater expanse of a Grown Stance.
Rising to a tier Deeper Farther Whole.
Focusing on sensation as I shed any fear.

I Jet across smooth waters.
New steam empowering an old machine.
As I see Mountains of waves on the horizon.
Building strength for challenges ahead.

I'll be arriving soon. Prepared. Ready.
And I will be me.


I sure as hell aren't a poet, but sometimes I enjoy stringing big words together in sucession. Call it how you will it's how I see it in my mind.

I have been consructing the resources I need to immerse myself in Fargo's scene.  I now have 3 ubuntu machines.  One smoking desktop system with some virtual boxes, One ubuntu server with a LAMP install, and one ubuntu notebook all VNC ready, almost all networked.  Configuring things so that I can remotly access my systems.  I still stand firm on my desire to live a traveling lifestyle, however I also understand much clearer now the requirements for such.

Networking in this small town is easy to do but hard to find. Not much to do unless you create the doing.  Boredom and Loneliness fueled some creative solutions to daily activity.  Excersize, Meditation, and Art Daily. 

I sure do appreciate the silence of this city.  It's nice to see nobody sometimes.  Especially with a sky full of stars gleeming down.

Maxing myself out physically. Crosstraining is key in my regiment these days. Mentally and Physically.  I am careful to let my body rebuild.

Artwork on the way. 

Thats all I have to say.

Good day.
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Fortified Insight (bloom): Emersonfortifiedi on September 11th, 2007 10:14 pm (UTC)
I really dig these lyrics, man and I'm glad you're building a nest for yourself. Grow, learn, live. Be well.