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13 April 2007 @ 05:29 pm
Website update  
Check this out after reading.

I decided to focus on fleshing out a concept for our Blab-lab logo.  Our current logo resembles Best Buy too much for me and I don't believe it effectively carries our value system.  It sort of resembles a price tag.  Anyways, I spent last night and today consuming rediculous amounts of coffee and while sketching and drawing.  This is my first well developed sketch.  More to come as I hope my friends comment and suggest modifications.  The drawing is completely open to reworking as I intended mostly just to get the ball rolling a bit.  Please, Nik, Dan, Sheryl... I would like to see how you guys can take this farther, or come up with something else entirely.  This design still doesn't quite catch all of the things I'd like, so I'll keep working.

Peace and enjoy the weather!

Bow to the monkey on the radio, for he is an amazing dj.

P.S. Check this out if you dig the doomtree.     also read the reference page.  good live tunes.
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Fortified Insight (bloom)fortifiedi on April 14th, 2007 03:23 am (UTC)
I dig the logo idea you've developed. I also really like the tree format we had going at HTC. We'll work on it this weekend. Also note that I've begun editing the ezine wiki page.